Aliakmon River Bridge – Temporary Traffic Management Plan



Aliakmon River Bridge / A1-2425-BR05/222 – Temporary Traffic Management Plan




Date: 2014


Work involves the temporary traffic management plan at the Aliakmon bridges in order to improve road safety conditions due to the status of existing safety barriers they do not fulfill the requirements of EN 1317. The plan shall remain in place until the implementation of detailed design for the installation of Safety Barriers according to EN 1317 in the entire existing project. Scope of work includes:

• Treatment proposal.

• Conceptual design on the basis of technical and economical assessment of possible solutions.

• Vertical signage and Restraint Systems for the traffic guidance and the vehicle protection on the bridge.

• Layout drawings, Reports and Bill of Quantities (BoQ).

• Description of finally selected systems – installation manuals – certificates acc. to EN 1317 – list of vendors/suppliers.