Replacement of existing gutters



Existing sections of Concession Project PATHE, section Maliakos – Kleidi (c.h. 240+300 – 473+840)

Replacement of existing gutters at MMS gantries with certified drainage channels according to European Standard EN 1433




Date: 2016


Work involves the replacement of existing gutters located in areas with VMS gantries with certified drainage channel systems acc. to EN 1433. Due  to  the  particularities  of existing  project  section,  client  has  carried  out  on-the-spot  inspections  (checks, section etc.) and surveys upon request  by the Contractor, in order  to verify and/or confirm the locations of existing  and  possible  outlets  as  well  as  the  installation  conditions of  the  new  drainage  system  to  avoid unpleasant surprises during project implementation. The   proposed   linear   drainage   system   consists   of  collection,   conveyance   and   discharge   elements.  At embankment areas the main function of collection and disposal is performed by a monoblock drain system. At cut areas the drain channel discharges into parallel pipe network.


Duties include:

• Definition of replacement gutter lengths

• Hydraulic calculations per installation area based on installation conditions

• Typical detailed drawings

• Layout drawings, Reports and Bill of Quantities (BoQ)

• Description of finally selected drainage channels – installation manuals – certificates acc. to EN 1433 – list of vendors/suppliers

• Quotation forms

• Study results incorporation into AMSA’s GIS