Detailed Design for the installation of Safety Barriers – Design Stage 1



Existing sections of Concession Project PATHE, section Maliakos – Kleidi (c.h. 240+300 – 473+840)
Detailed Design for the installation of Safety Barriers according to European Standard EN 1317
Design Stage 1: Recording the existing conditions- Project Background – Alternative Scenarios




Date: 2013 – 2014


Work involves the replacement of existing barriers with certified Restraint Systems according to European Standard EN 1317, in already constructed sections of the Main Concession Project PATHE, section: Maliakos – Kleidi, total length 230km.


Duties include:

• Recording the existing conditions (road mobile mapping, video recording, video processing, determination of road axis geometry, measurements of lateral distances).

• Project existing built conditions based on the data obtained from the existing situation survey with road design software and establishment of a new chainage scheme.

• Construction of relational databases for managing GIS (geographical information system) data with GIS software.

• Market research, Evaluation and pre-selection of certified systems

• Definition of VRS’ required performance classes

• Examination of alternative scenarios and cost estimation – Technical and economic assessment of possible solutions with a full description of alternative scenarios, complete definition of installation lengths on the basis of technical homogeneity, reduced operation and maintenance cost.